Leap Second vs. Creationism

Back in my college days, I went to several presentations by evolution-deniers trying to discredit evolution. Because their thinking was if they can show evolution to be wrong, then the Biblical version of creation was the only alternative. Now, the reason I mention this, is that one of the “facts” these guys used to try to disprove evolution was the leap second. His explanation was that the Earth’s spin was slowing down so scientists have to add in the leap seconds. But if the Earth’s spin is slowing down one second a year then if you run it back 6,000 years (to when some people think the Earth was made), the Earth spun 6,000 seconds (100 minutes) faster than now, which wouldn’t be a big deal. But 86,399 years ago the Earth must have been spinning once a second. That’s just silly, therefore it is impossible for things to have been here millions of years let alone billions of years. With the upcoming Leap Second, I thought it would be a good idea to write up a true story of leap seconds. With other things going on I didn’t get beyond the thought, but fortunately for me, the Bad Astronomer wrote up a blog titled Take a flying leap second, which goes into far more detail than I could have managed. Another good source is National Institute of Standards and Technology Leap Second page, which goes into even more detail. So if you want a true story of leap seconds, those are good places to start.

The upcoming leap second reminded me of these evolution-deniers and how bad their science was. So I think a project for me in the new year will be to write up some articles disproving their “facts.” I was going to make the leap second one the first one, but there is a timeliness factor and as I said I had other things to do. But the other articles can come out whenever I have time to write them, so you have those to look forward to.


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