What does Christmas mean to me?

To be honest, not much. Yes I’ll get to see my family, but I saw them for Thanksgiving. I do get some days off from work, so that’s good. But mostly, Christmas is annoying. From the long lines to hearing the same 27 songs over and over and over and over and over again, I mean, if the Christmas “season” was only a couple weeks, or even confined to December, it might not be that bad. But when you’re walking around a store in mid-October and they’re putting up displays of inflatable Santas and reindeer, I just get ground down and sick and tired of Christmas by mid-November.

It didn’t used to be like this. When I was a kid Christmas was fun because I got toys. Always good. But at some point I grew up and when asked what I wanted for Christmas, I replied along the lines of, “I do need new socks. And a calendar.” For the past fifteen-twenty years, Christmas has just been a way for me to get stuff I needed. And with all the adult hassle of dealing with Christmas, the thrill is gone.


2 Responses to “What does Christmas mean to me?”

  1. My experience with and feelings toward xmas are very similar to what you describe here. Like you, I find it more annoying than anything else. When people ask me why I don’t celebrate it, I sometimes say, “Well, I am an adult and I do not have children.” But this answer almost never satisfies the person asking. But come on! As a child, I celebrated my birthday, Halloween, xmas, etc. I don’t celebrate any of these now. I’m an adult.

  2. It’s almost like it makes people uncomfortable that I don’t really celebrate Christmas. It just doesn’t mean anything to me. So, why should I celebrate something that is meaningless for me?

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