Have the people at Fox News taken a baseball bat to the head?

To be up front, I did not see this bit in its entirety. I came in late and I left because I was stunned by their … assholelery.

Apparently, there is a woman in Florida who has premarital sex with her boyfriend. She let this slip to a member of her church, who wanted her to go up in front of the church and confess her sins, or whatever. The woman refused, and left the church. But the church, I guess, is still planning on doing something about her situation and she is trying to get them to stop because her sex life is a private thing.

In steps Fox News. To discuss this pressing social problem, they tell the woman’s name, the name of her town, and even a picture of her. This woman who doesn’t want her ex-church discussing her sex life, doesn’t have to worry anymore because everyone who watches Fox News now knows that she has had premarital sex with her boyfriend.


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