I’m becoming a crotchety old man

Every few days for the past week or so, a screen has popped up asking if I wanted to update to the latest version of Firefox. I’ve usually been in the middle of something so I’ve clicked on later, but today it caught at the right time so I did update to the latest version, although right now I wish I hadn’t. I’m a very basic, simple, man. Even online. There are about a dozen sites I go to everyday. Now, back in the good ol’ days – about an hour ago – when I had the old version, these sites were in the drop down menu of the address … place … thing. I’d click that, move my mouse down to where I wanted to go to, and off I’d go. It was easy. But after I updated, all those sites were gone, replaced with Internet Radio or whatever. Things I’ve never gone to and don’t really have any desire to go to. And I couldn’t get rid of them. I had to delete the history and bookmarks like three times before I finally got rid of them. And now I don’t even use the address … place … thing anymore because as soon as I start typing something, it comes up with all these suggestions – something I find really annoying. So now, instead of using the really simple drop down menu, I now have to use a bookmark folder that does the same goddamn thing. At least on Google you can turn that crap off. This super-duper, all tricked out, bells and whistles version has too much stuff I don’t need and will probably never use. You young whippersnappers having to make everything more … fancy and crap. Things were simpler and better. In my day, people were smarter than their computers and would have been insulted when their computer suggested stuff to them. Grumble, growl, drool, get off my lawn! 😀


One Response to “I’m becoming a crotchety old man”

  1. This made me laugh! Very funny. And I must be getting old too because that sort of thing annoys me too. 🙂

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