I have more faith than Bill O’Reilly

I’m an atheist, but it’s tough because all my money says “In God We Trust” on it and every time I sneeze someone says, “God bless you.” But I walk though this deluge of God strong in my believe that god is bunk.  But with someone like O’Reilly, if you whisper that “there’s no god” he starts screaming that your attacking religion.  I can only assume that his faith is fragile whereas mine is strong.


2 Responses to “I have more faith than Bill O’Reilly”

  1. Screaming is good. It clears out the vascular system. Don’t begrudge a person his god health.

  2. Because I am a Christian, I will not comment on Bill O’Reilly’s faith or anyone else’s, but sadly you may be correct. Too many Christians are not well grounded in their faith. That’s because it is based on a religion, not a relationship, which genuine Christianity is. Those of us who do have a firm foundation for their faith should not be threatened by your beliefs. You have every right to believe whatever you wish and we should be able to rationally and civilly discuss it without attacking each other.

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