I don’t watch that much TV, probably only a few hours a week. Before you say I must be some kind of weirdo, I waste most of my time online. Anyway, my family isn’t much for watching sports, so when I was home for Thanksgiving we mainly watched the Discovery Channel. (They had marathons of Dirty Jobs and Deadliest Catch.) I also watched some movies so in a couple of days I probably watched as much TV as I normally watch in a month. I also watched as many commercials as I normally watched in a month. One commercial stuck out:

Why did this stand out? Because I think they aired it EVERY FUCKING COMMERCIAL BREAK! I understand the idea of getting your product out there and all that, but there is this thing called overkill. If you work in the advertising industry or scheduling how often commercials air, do me a favor. Every ten to fifteen minutes, watch that commercial. Then let me know how long it is until you no longer give a fuck about Michael Phelps and you just want Rosetta Stone to go out of business so you never have to see the damned thing again.


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