I pity the coming “Anti-Christ”

At one point in my six hour drive home for Thanksgiving, I took a break from my Apocalyptica CDs to listen to the radio.  As I went through the stations, I came across this Bible-thumper talking about the Anti-Christ.  I listened for a while and was disturbed that apparently rational people take such a ludicrous story seriously.  It reminded me of a guy I used to work with.  He knew I was an atheist and one day he asked me to read Revelations.  I tried (it is rather boring) and the next day he asked if I had gotten to the part with the dragon.  I had.  He asked if it was scary.  “No.” He was shocked, so I asked if he seriously believed that in “the end times” a literal dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns would actually show up.  He seemed confused as though he had never asked himself that.

Anyway, back to where I was going with this.  This Bible-thumper said that the world would know the Anti-Christ was here when he brought peace to the Middle East.  I think that is unfortunate.  I believe that there is the possibility that one day there will be peace in the Middle East.  It won’t happen because of some President or Prime Minister or Pope.  They are figureheads.  The real work will be done by a group of diplomats.  But, of this group, there will be one leader who will go down in history as the individual who brought peace to the Middle East.  Unfortunately – for this great human being – the narrow-minded will saddle them with name Anti-Christ.  And you just know, that this hard-working diplomat, whose only thought was to end the bloodshed, will probably be assassinated by some Bible-thumping nut job who thinks he is saving the world from the Anti-Christ.  That is why I will pity the so-called Anti-Christ.


2 Responses to “I pity the coming “Anti-Christ””

  1. There are many different interpretations of the events depicted in Revelation, but I hope no Bible student worth his salt believes in a literal dragon rising from the sea. The crowns refer to either nations or leaders of nations. Revelation is a tough book, which many Christians either don’t get or stay away from. Your Christian friend should have handed you a gospel of John; if he is that emphatuated with Revelation that he is going around asking atheists to read it, he needs to re-evaluate.

    And if some nut-job shots and actually kills a guy, then that was not the anti-Christ. Look on the bright side: if the rature people are right, then when the anti-christ appears there won’t be any Christians here to take a shot at him.

  2. aimiesuzyj Says:

    Do not fear for this anti-Christ. We narrow-minded Christians will be a dying breed, there will not be anyone to label this man when he arrives on-scene. You may know. You may remember. You may even hope that you are wrong. I’m sorry you find the story ludicrous. I can’t imagine going through life without eternal hope.

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