Proof I’m a dork

I live just outside Philadelphia.  You may have heard of Philadelphia since their team the Phillies won the World Series a few weeks ago.  People were screaming and dancing in the streets and just going crazy and I just couldn’t care less.  But yesterday afternoon I was giddy after seeing these:



These could be (depending on whether or not other images don’t pan out) the first images of planets around other stars.  The first image is of Fomalhaut and the second is of HR 8799.  This is COOL!  World Series, who cares.  But photos of other planets!  Fantastic.  We have already discovered some 300 planets around other stars, but those were found by indirect means.  Now these planets are big Jupiters, but it is only a matter of time until we have an image of another Earth.  I can’t wait.

Then today, I spent half-an-hour or so watching the countdown and launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

APTOPIX Space Shuttle

These are the high points of my life.  😀


One Response to “Proof I’m a dork”

  1. I feel so unworthy now. I could never compare to the discovery of a planet.


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