Rude Awakening

Of course, this happens on the one night I actually get to bed early.

I was sound asleep, dreaming of something, when a noise wakes me up.  At first I hear some guy saying something, and I figure it’s just my neighbor’s boyfriend or something.  Then I hear someone pounding on the door.  I assume it’s for my neighbor, but when it’s repeated it sounds rather loud.  So I get out of bed and see my door vibrating when someone pounds on it.  I look at the clock and see it’s 2:15, and hear the guy calling “Maintenance.” So I open the door and this guy says that the guy downstairs has water running into his apartment.  So I run into the bathroom and don’t see anything.  He follows me in and asks if I had any problems (because I have several, old, water stains on my ceiling) and I tell him no.  Again he asked if I had any problems and again I say no.  It seems he asks everything two or three times.  So he is going out and I see there is a puddle of water on my kitchen floor.  We investigate and find that everything under my sink is wet.  “Are you having problems with your sink?” “Not lately.” “Are you having problems with your sink?”

Anyway, he looks around, can’t see anything and leaves.  I’m wide awake, and don’t know if he’ll need to come back.  So I start cleaning up my kitchen.  I have an old rug in my kitchen that was soaked, and the guy had rolled it up and set it in the sink.  When I looked under the sink I saw something dripping, and I just figured it was the water from the rug was leaking out, so I put the rug in a bucket and threw it in my tub.  I cleaned up some of the water, but didn’t really feel like doing much so I sat down to write this blog.  About halfway through that last paragraph, the guy comes back and says that my downstairs neighbor is still having a leak.  So we look under the sink again and I still see a dripping (how we both missed it the first time he looked, I don’t know) and he asks, “What’s that, what’s that.” Turns out the hot water heater (in my neighbor’s apartment) was leaking, running under my sink, and then downstairs.

As I sit here, he is next door (my neighbor isn’t home, she keeps odd hours) and I hear an occasional banging on pipes.  He is just going to replace the whole hot water heater, and he says it will take him a couple of hours to drag the new tank in.  I can’t wait.  I may just stay up until he finishes everything.


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