Why I voted for Obama

The other day I was reading a conservative’s blog about Obama’s election. His reaction was that it showed Americans to be gullible simpletons who could be easily brainwashed by the liberal media into voting for Obama for no other reason than because he is Obama. His “prove” was some survey of college students. When asked why they voted for Obama, apparently all they could say was “Change.” They couldn’t explain it beyond that. So, I thought I should explain to any conservative who reads this the reason I voted for Obama: his election improves our chances of winning the war on terrorism. Let me explain.

I’ll admit that the following is with 20-20 hindsight. After 9-11, George Bush should have gone to the UN and said, “France, Russia, China, this horrible tragedy could have easily happened to your countries. Terrorism – in any form – is a grave threat to the peace and prosperity of the world as a whole. As a world superpower, the United States will lead the struggle to eradicate the scourge, but we need your help. Terrorism is a problem the whole world faces and the whole world is needed to defeat it.” Instead, we got, “You’re either with us or against us.” I feel that 9-11 gave Bush the opportunity to make the world a better place, but he dropped the ball. The world stood with us on 9-12, but now – after seven years of cowboy arrogance – if Bush told the world the sky was blue they would not take his world for it.

For there to be any hope of the world working together to combat terrorism or global warming or any other global problem, there needs to be a CHANGE of administration – it can’t happen with Bush in office. I mean, that’s the reason I voted for Kerry in 2004. I didn’t think he would be a great President, but I knew that the President after Bush would have to clean up the mess and fix the damage to America’s reputation. Better to start in 2005 than 2009.

Now, why couldn’t McCain be this element of change? I know that no two people share the exact same beliefs. McCain is not exactly like Bush just as Obama is not exactly like either Clinton. But you can clump people with similar beliefs together in broad groups, like Republicans and Democrats. This, unfortunately, leads to guilt by association. Bush and McCain are both Republicans, so why should we expect President McCain to be different than President Bush? One of the biggest obstacles to the world uniting in common cause is President Bush, and it is unlikely the world would warm to another Republican President. It may not be rational, but it is human. Now, I’m not saying President Obama will never face obstacles, but his will be new and with a friendly world, they may be easier to overcome.


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