Election 2008, 1105

I’m back from voting!  It wasn’t that bad, there were only about a dozen people in line before me, and as I left there were about as many behind me.  Still, I was the 434th voter which – I think the polls opened at 8:00 – so that’s over 100 people an hour.

Anyway, I know it’s only 11:00 AM, but I took a swig of Vodka to celebrate.  There isn’t much left in the bottle, but I plan to finish it off when we have a winner.  But, do I just finish it off when the networks call a winner or do I wait until one concedes?  Technically, we don’t have a winner until the Electoral College votes in a month or so.  Do I save the Vodka until then?  Who knew drinking and voting could be so complicated.


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