Election 2008, 0020

Like, probably everybody with a blog, I figured I would write about what I’m doing this most momentous day. It’s just after midnight, as you can see by the military time in my title, and I’m rather tired. I’ve just finished loosing some Mahjong games but I wanted to get some of this up as soon as it became Election Day. I took Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off so I could focus on this election. I spent Monday pretty much laying in supplies – chips, snacks, beer – watching DVDs and playing Mahjong. My plans for today (after a few hours of sleep) are to make a nice big breakfast, vote, watch Casino Royale, do some laundry, write a bunch of blogs, maybe take a nap, and then sit up until the wee hours of Wednesday watching the election coverage and drinking. Wednesday, I’ll recover. So, that’s my plan. Exciting, isn’t it?


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