Is it art?

Where I work, we have a storage area for all the jars, bottles and packing material of all kinds we use to store and ship out chemical samples. It’s also the place where we store old equipment and other junk. The place is rather messy and there are plastic packing straps all over the place. Over the last few years, I’ve picked up some of these straps and weaved them through the metal shelves. Basically, it was a way to kill some time. The other day, I picked up a strap and stuffed it in a dusty old bottle that was on one of the shelves. There was no reason, just something to do. At most, I figured it would make someone curious when they walked by. I started to walk away, but then I asked myself if that counted as art. So I grabbed another strap and stuffed it in a clean bottle and took a picture of it. Now, if I was some big name artist who made this and titled it “Freedom” then snooty French critics would be all over themselves talking about how the strap is “striving to escape its glass cage,” or something. Even more so if I titled it “Blue #12.” Is that art?


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