The definition of quickfacts is that they are the one word, or one sentence answer to very complex questions. For example: What was the cause of the American Civil War? Slavery. I think they result from our desire to have our questions answered immediately, in laymen’s terms, and finally. Our society doesn’t want to have to research an answer; we don’t have the time, the patience, or the skills to do so.

This was an idea I had which I combined with an idea from the Babylon 5 episode “The Deconstruction of Falling Stars.” Part of the episode is set 500 years in their future. In that time there is an Orwellian government that spoke in terms of “goodfacts,” which are “facts” they want us to believe (what we’d call propaganda) and “realfacts,” which is the truth. At first, I was going to call my idea “newsfacts” because they are often used in news media, but I later realized that they – unfortunately – are used by many parts of our society; especially by religions and governments.


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