Brutal Revisions

For the last few days I haven’t really felt like writing.  But I have been working, giving one of my stories what I call a “brutal revision.”  Since one of the points of this blog is to connect to my fans, I was thinking I should give some insight into my writing process.

When I write I use some weak words, things that are okay once in awhile but when they’re in every other sentence isn’t so great.  But before I send a story out, I go through it with highlighters and mark up all these words.  I even have it color coded.  “Am-is-was-were” gets green, “have-has-had” is orange, “thats” are blue, -ing words are pink, -ly words are yellow, and sentences that begin with a person’s name are circled in red.  After going though my story six or seven times, the pages look like this:

I then work my way through the story and with rephrasing and general revision I try my best to cut out half of these problems.  Fascinating, huh?


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