Kicking and screaming into the blogosphere

For the longest time I’ve resisted blogging because I figured my life wasn’t interesting enough to blog, and because my writing is more towards stories and I already have places where I publish my stories.  I did start a “Random Thoughts” page on my website where I could post odd thoughts I had as a way to blog without blogging, but I realized it was a bit pointless without the readers being able to comment.  (I’ll be reposting those random thoughts here, where they belong.) Also, for some time I’ve been hearing about authors with blogs and how it lets them interact with their fans and as a way to find new fans, both things I should be doing.  And recently some friends of mine have started blogging so I’ve finally bitten the blog bullet.

My blogs will mostly deal with writing, but will also include some odd stuff.  As to the Prince of Pithy, this was something a friend of mine in one of my writing groups called me because of my writing style; very short and too the point.  Since my posts will probably be a paragraph or two, it seemed appropriate as a title.


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