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32 Nearby Stars

Posted in Astronomy on October 30, 2008 by The Prince of Pithy

This is something I could spend hours playing with.  It’s “an interactive 3D map of our interstellar neighborhood.” Very cool.


Hell of a delivery

Posted in Odds on October 29, 2008 by The Prince of Pithy

After work today, I went to a coffee shop and worked on a story for about an hour.  I then got some groceries, and started home.  For part of the way I was behind a car with a Pizza Hut sign on the roof.  I had already decided on what I was having for dinner, so I didn’t really think about it.  But at a red light I noticed it had Oregon plates.  That wouldn’t mean much, but I live in Pennsylvania.

I hope they got a good tip.

Copenhagen Suborbitals

Posted in Spaceflight on October 25, 2008 by The Prince of Pithy

WOW! There’s a company, Copenhagen Suborbitals, that wants to launch a person into space. Not into orbit, just to go up into space for a few minutes and then parachute back to Earth. But their method is, I guess, no frills. Basically, they’re going to “stand” a person into the nose cone of a rocket. I wouldn’t want to be the first person to fly in this – probably not even in the first hundred people – but I think this would be cool.

Is it art?

Posted in Odds on October 23, 2008 by The Prince of Pithy

Where I work, we have a storage area for all the jars, bottles and packing material of all kinds we use to store and ship out chemical samples. It’s also the place where we store old equipment and other junk. The place is rather messy and there are plastic packing straps all over the place. Over the last few years, I’ve picked up some of these straps and weaved them through the metal shelves. Basically, it was a way to kill some time. The other day, I picked up a strap and stuffed it in a dusty old bottle that was on one of the shelves. There was no reason, just something to do. At most, I figured it would make someone curious when they walked by. I started to walk away, but then I asked myself if that counted as art. So I grabbed another strap and stuffed it in a clean bottle and took a picture of it. Now, if I was some big name artist who made this and titled it “Freedom” then snooty French critics would be all over themselves talking about how the strap is “striving to escape its glass cage,” or something. Even more so if I titled it “Blue #12.” Is that art?

Lost ideas

Posted in Writing on October 22, 2008 by The Prince of Pithy

You’d think I’d have learned by now.

After work today, I went to a coffee shop and did a little bit of writing. As I was leaving, I was sitting in my car and I saw or thought of something and a fun little story idea popped into my mind. I debated on whether or not I should jot down a few notes for it, but decided I’d remember it. A few hours later, I was home doing some dishes, and went, “Oh yeah, I had story idea today. What was it?” I remember sitting in my car, looking at the bank, but I can’t remember anything about the fun little story idea I had. Damn. I wonder how many such ideas I’ve lost by relying on my memory.

Welcome to the Universe (Trailer)

Posted in Astronomy on October 19, 2008 by The Prince of Pithy

This is the trailer to a YouTube project by Andromeda’s Wake to explore what we know about the Universe. It looks like it will be very cool.

Is it un-American not to believe?

Posted in Religion on October 19, 2008 by The Prince of Pithy

Apparently, the Republicans think so.

Here’s Kay Hagan’s website. If I lived in North Carolina, I’d vote for her.